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The First Community For Dean Winchester and Haley James

You know they'd be hot!

The hot AU love of Dean Winchester and Haley James
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[ Welcome ]
Hello and welcome to dean_haley, the first community on LiveJournal for the crossover relationship of Haley James and Dean Winchester. Haley James played by Bethany Joy Lenz comes from One Tree Hill, while Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles comes from Supernatural. Two completely different shows that only share the same network. Not even the same premise or even the same line of a premise. However, that's why there's this lovely world called an alternate universe. It allows fans to ship some really random pairing, and in this case, the pair Dean and Haley.
[ Rules ]
•Be respectful of everyone.
•No actor/character bashing of ANYONE from either show.
•Info pertaining to Jensen and/or Bethany is allowed here.
•Fanfics, fan-videos, icons, wallpapers, graphics, ANYTHING is allowed here as long as it's about Dean/Haley and/or Jensen/Bethany.
•Be kind to dial-up users. Large images and more than 3 icons go behind a cut.
•Feel free to introduce yourself.
•When posting a fanfic, follow the guide below.
[ Fanfic Posting Guide ]
Genre: (Romance, drama, action, horror, et cetera)
Characters/Pairings: (other than Dean/Haley, who appears most)
Spoilers/Warnings: (if there's intense violence, please note so)
Type/Word Count: (one shot, multi-chaptered, complete, work-in-progress, et cetera)
Author's Note: (if any)
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